Electrical & Instrument Fabrication & shop Drawing

What kind of electrical and instrument drawing can be found in fabrication of an oil and gas fabrication project. This only an overview and few drawing samples for who wants to know about a project fabrication -construction, specially for electrical and instrument disciples area. Actually quantity and kinds of drawing are depend on system which are already designed and approved by Engineering and client or project owner.

Dalam suatu project construction biasa kita temukan istilah EPCI. Biasa setelah bidding project selesai, maka akan di announce pemenang project. Missal untuk engineering dan procurement di menangkan oleh PT A, untuk fabrikasi dimenangkan oleh PT B, untuk offshore installation dimenangkan oleh PT C. Tapi ada juga untuk EPCI ini dimenangkan oleh satu perusahaan.

E stands for Engineering,
Engineering is body/company who have designed a project. Here will be discussed and decided about a system made, material consumed, manpower required included skill and competency, method agreed, machine used and how to manage activities and communication flow among discipline, management, contractor, client, owner, third parties inspection and classification

P is Procurement,
Normally procurement is how to procure after dealing with supplier and vendor material and schedule delivery and receiving and where are put ; warehouse or need certain condition reservation

C is Construction,
Construction is done in site, usually in a yard. Normally yard is located in seashore in order easy to bring product CPP or modules to offshore installation location. First maybe preparation of civil and foundation activities, than structural installation, piping installation, electrical installation and instrument installation, and lastly pre commissioning.

I is Installation,
After fabrication finished, next stage is installation. the product will be pulled to edge of sea and put on the barge and do sea fastening and ready to sail away to installation place. During this time shall be prepared all items for offshore installation, lifting equipment capacity, competent crews, scenario of installation etc

Sekarang kita jump to topic about Electrical & instrument drawing. Actually each client or owner or company have their specification. They have their own terminology like few companies use term “grounding” ,others use term “earthing”. All terminologies actually are agreement in specification /datasheet/manufacturing sheet. All depend how they define and name in their document

Electrical/PAGA/Navigational Aid index, legend, symbol & notes
Electrical/PAGA/Navigational Aid single line diagram or one line diagram
lectrical/PAGA/Navigational Aid block diagram
Electrical/PAGA/Navigational Aid schematic/logic/loop/wiring/interconnection diagram
Electrical/PAGA/Navigational Aid layout
Electrical/PAGA/Navigational Aid installation Details
Electrical/PAGA/Navigational Aid cable/panel Schedule
Electrical main tray/ladder support detail
Hazardous area classification
Electrical design miscellaneous

Electrical power routing layout
Electrical Power tray support layout
Electrical Power tray support detail
Electrical Power mounting support layout
Electrical Power mounting support detail
Electrical Equipment support layout
Electrical Equipment support detail
Lighting cable routing
Lighting tray support layout
Lighting tray support detail
Lighting mounting support layout
Lighting mounting support detail
Navigation aid mounting support layout
Navigation aid mounting support Detail
PAGA cable tray support layout
PAGA cable tray support detail
PAGA mounting support layout
PAGA mouting support detail
Electrical/PAGA cable penetration layout
Electrical/PAGA cable penetration detail
Electrical Shop Miscellaneous

Instrument/ Fire & Gas/Telecommunication index, legend, symbol & notes
Instrument process cause & effect diagram
Instrument safety cause & effect diagram
Instrument shutdown hierarchy diagram
Instrument blok diagram
Instrument interconnection/loop /termination/wiring/interface/schematic/logic diagram
Instrument layout
Instrument installation/support/mounting detail
Instrument hook up
Instrument cable/tubing/panel schedule
Instrument level sketches
Instrument main tray/ladder support detail
Instrument miscellaneous

Fire and Gas cause & effect diagram
Fire and Gas single line/interconnection/loop diagram /termination/
Fire and Gas wiring/interface/schematic/logic diagram
Fire and Gas block diagram
Fire and Gas layout
Fire and Gas installation/mounting detail
Fire and Gas miscellaneous
Safety Escape route/sign layout

Telecom single line diagram
Telecom /interconnection/loop diagram /termination/wiring/logic diagram
Telecom cable routing layout
Telecom block diagram
Telecom layout
Telecom installation/mounting detail
Telecom miscellaneous

Instrument mounting support layout
Instrument installation detail
Instrument tubing routing
Instrument tubing tray support Layout
Instrument tubing tray support detail
Instrument cable tray support Layout
Instrument cable tray support detail
Fusible plug mounting layout
Fusible plug detail
Fusible plug tray support Layout
Fusible plug tray support detail
Fire & Gas mounting support layout
Fire & Gas mounting support detail
Fire & Gas cable tray support layout
Fire & Gas cable tray support detail
Telecom mounting support layout
Telecom mounting support detail
Telecom cable tray support layout
Telecom cable tray support detail
Instrument Tubing/cable Penetration layout
Instrument Tubing/cable Penetration Detail
Instrument Junction Box Support layout
Instrument Junction Box Support Detail

Few drawing samples for Electrical Discipline :
1. Legend. Legend tells all symbols which are used in drawing in order whoever read drawing can understand everything on drawing
There are several national and international standards for graphical symbols in circuit diagrams, in particular:
· IEC 60617 (also known as British Standard BS 3939)
· ANSI standard Y32 (also known as IEEE Std 315)

2. Single line diagram. Ada juga memakai istilah one line diagram. Ini biasa nya men deskripsi kan tentang aliran daya listrik, start from generator, bus duct, switchgear, transformer, ke distribution board, than supply untuk
– motor /pump/ fan/ compressor
– space heater
– lighting
– fire and gas panel
– Public address and general alarm panel
– Telecommunication panel
– Instrument supply panel etc

3. Block diagram. Di dalam block diagram biasa nya menggambarkan interrelationship among system and existing equipment in global view, usually for electrical about cabling relationship. Below are lighting block diagram sample

4. Wiring diagram/Interconnection diagram/loop diagram/schematic diagram. so far I have found They are almost same. All are about wiring or cabling detail for real connection. All connection should be labeled by tag no or cable marker for tracking and identification. Below are samples of Junction box

and turbine-generator wiring connection.

5. Plan or layout drawing. Plan show location of equipment. Plan usually base on system. E.g. lighting plan, fire and gas plan, public address and general alarm plan, telecommunication plan, navigational aid plan. Below is sample of fire and gas plan

6. Detail installation drawing. These are detail installation for each equipments or detector or sensor which are given in plan drawing included with each bill of material for each installation. So each plan drawing will have all kinds of detail installation for all equipments /detectors /sensor which are put in plan drawing. Below is sample of strobe light installation detail

Few drawing samples Untuk Instrument Discipline
1. Instrument hook up. Hook up is similar with installation detail. See below picture

2. Instrument Tray support detail. This tells about support of main tray or ladder

3. Instrument layout. This give information about location of instrument in the field

5. Instrument Fusible plug plan & detail



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